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Low Cost Transportation That's Fun To Ride

Riding a cheap gas scooter is a fun way to get around. Not only are they inexpensive to buy, but they are powered to stand up against the rest of the traffic on the road. Considered by many to be a type of mini motorcycle, scooters have a step-through frame and a platform where the operator can rest their feet. Their 50cc engine is fast enough for traveling in town.

The cost to operate one of these smaller motorcycles will save you money while being easy to park, even when traffic is at the max. Whether you purchase it new or used, with an electric or gas engine, your scooter will give you reliable transportation during this tough economy.

There are many manufacturers that produce scooters. Currently scooter sales are on the rise due to gas prices soaring. Along with the standard scooters, importers are also stocking up on mini choppers, pocket bikes and even karts for track racing. Big companies such as Honda have expanded their scooter production to meet the high demand for these small but powerful machines. Suppliers of karts like Scooterx have seen a higher demand for their product too. Even the parts suppliers, such as Dunlop who manufactures scooter tires, are enjoying the increased interest in these mini motorcycles.

For in-town cruising, or just around the neighborhood, the Goped and Evo Powerboards RX 50cc gas scooters are just the thing. The Goped glides around at 18mph while the Powerboard can reach 25mph. Of course you can also opt for the X-ped which is a more modern type of Goped that can travel at 20mph. Although they are not designed for roads and highways, they provide a cheap alternative to starting up that gas guzzling car engine for traveling a minimal distance. They are definitely a pleasurable way to do those short excursions.

If you're needing a faster way of getting around locally you may wish to try the X-treme scooters like the X-505 which gets 75 miles per gallon and can reach a top speed of 33mph or the xg-550 which can go 35mph. Another choice might be the E85 scooter that can reach 40mph.

Perhaps you'd like the stylish Bladez or EEC scooters to get you where you need to go. You can't go wrong with whatever choice you make. Traveling around for a low cost during a time of soaring fuel prices is why owning a cheap gas scooter makes a lot of sense. Economically priced and easy to maintain, scooters are also a lot of fun.


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Should You Buy a Motorcycle to Save on Gas Mileage?

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My Schwinn S1000 Electric Scooter Saves Gas Money, is Cheap, Easy to Use & Great For the Environment

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If you are an adult who wants to save gas money doing local errands and short local trips under 10 miles round-trip, you might want to consider using an electric scooter, a cheap, hassle free , excellent method of transportation that helps the environment too. I use the Schwinn Stealth 1000 Electric Scooter (Schwinn S-1000) which is perfect for me. Licenses are not required in most places for the Schwinn S-1000 (though I would check locally) and about the only thing you really need is a helmet and to weigh under 250 pounds.

Are Scooters Only Fun on an Island?

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50cc Gas Scooters

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How Popular Are Gas Scooters?

By Theodor Cartman
There are different types of scooters; those that are powered by human power (foot-powered), electric scooters and gas scooters. The technology that powers scooters has evolved greatly in the last few decades. Scooters first emerged in Taiwan in the 1920s. They were invented as a response to the Industrial revolution which was sweeping through this part of the world. Many workers were commuting to work by foot and public means and this was not convenient at all.

Cheap Gas Scooter | Electric Scooters For Kids | Gas Scooters For Sale | Bladez Gas Scooter | Used Gas Scooters | 3 Wheel Gas Scooter | Gas Scooters For Kids | Gas Scooter Store | Gas Scooters For Cheap